Saturday, January 9, 2010

The rest of Vienna

Our first night in Vienna was fairly uneventful.  We're much further away from the actual city than we have been in the past, meaning the night life is pretty much non-existent.  In the morning we got up, ate our usual continental breakfast and headed out for our tour of Schoenbrunn Palace.

It was obviously really pretty inside, but truthfully, I was expecting more.  They only let you see one floor, and only a few rooms. I wanted to see the top floors.  Similarly with the gardens, they were nice, with long unbroken views, but I would rather have seen them green.  After that we got back on the bus and went for a tour of Vienna.  It's another absolutely beautiful city.  They don't call this the treasures of central europe for nothing.  We saw some cool architecture, from a guy whose name I've unfortunately already forgotten.

We wound our way back to the same area of Vienna that we were in yesterday and we had some free time.  Did I mention that I had lost one of my contacts in Budapest?  I'm too lazy to re-read.  At any rate, I did, but here in Vienna, and thanks to the help of my wonderful mother stateside, I was able to get my eyeball numbers and get some more lenses.  So no more pictures with glasses, haha!

But this was not before I got another helping of my new favorite food.

A few of us went to the Haus der Musik, which is a museum of World War I.  Just kidding.  It's about music.  There were some very interesting things in there, including a baton used by Furtwaengler.  I did some shopping with a few others, stopping for a coffee and to buy a book of the collected works of Janosh, the author of the books we read in our German class.  After some Asian chicken for dinner, we headed off to the Ballet!

It was really nice.  I'll try to write some more about it later, but I'm much too tired at the moment.  Goodnight world.

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  1. yay you made a blog! love it. sorry I'm behind on the times. You look very dashing in that photo.