Sunday, January 10, 2010

On to Muenchen!

After the wonderful night at the opera, about half of the group (myself not included, as I stayed in) found themselves with hangovers and the happy prospect of visiting a former concentration camp!  We loaded onto the bus and in a few hours found ourselves at Mauthausen.  I decided not to go in the camp.  I know what they were like as a history major, and I didn't want to be in that situation with this group (no offense to anybody).  About an hour on the bus later, the stoic group returned.  Then we made our way to Salzburg, which is a wonderful little town with beautiful views if you go up the mountain.  It was neat to see where Mozart was born, and where today fairly untalented musicians make money by taking advantage of every white tourist's innate desire to pretend to know a lot about classical music.  So, after an extremely expensive cup of coffee in a cafe that Mozart apparently frequented (citation needed), we got back on the bus to go back to Deutschland!  When we got to Muenchen, we dropped off our things at our hotel and walked to the beer hall where we had dinner and got our beer in liters.  The dinner was a bratwurst, followed by a thick vanilla mousse.  Followed by  beer.  The group left in phases, mine part being the last to do so.  When we got back to the hotel, I found sleeping to be no trouble at all.  If you're interested, I am actually feeling quite well this morning.  Breakfast was in a small cramped room, but delicious because of the nutella.  And the internet situation isn't as bleak as in other places.  There is WIFI in the lobby, allowing for me to make this update.  But now we have to leave, so, Auf wiedersehen.

(pictures on the way)

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