Monday, January 4, 2010

Leaving, on a jet plane

So, that was a very long experience.  I woke up for my flight on the first of January around 8 or 9 am and by the time I fell asleep again about 30 or so hours later, I had been on a plane for the first time (indeed, two planes), and found myself on another continent.  The airport experience wasn’t awful.  I was expecting a lot of waiting and standing in line, which is exactly what I got.  The first flight was kind of cramped, but not terrible.  The food was decent (salmon with rice as the entrée) and they served us beer on the plane, raising my desire to fly Lufthansa again.  After the flight landed in Frankfurt there was a delay on our connection flight to Berlin of about an extra hour, which I spent with Matt exploring the cavernous airport in search of food, which we eventually found.  I enjoyed the second flight much more than the first.  Not only was it very short, but I had a window seat!  Pictures forthcoming.

Again we landed, and after some delays with our baggage, we were off with Jürgen to the Hotel. The room (which I’m in now) is a quad, but is acceptable.  The bed is comfortable enough, and the plumbing works, so for the amount of time we’re spending here it should serve us remarkably well.  After a short respite we went out for some food.  We strolled a short way through Berlin and suddenly Matt, Matt’s aunt, and myself realized that we had lost track of the group.  We searched nearby and eventually (after currywurst) made our way back to the hotel assuming that someone would look there, which they did.  It turns out we had missed the direction to “do whatever we’d like and meet back at 5:15.”  So we met up with Dr. Esa and took the metro to the restaurant where the rest of the group was eating.  The food was alright.  After that some few of us weary yet intrepid travelers decided to go out for a drink to unwind, which we did.  Fun was had by all, and thanks to our jetlag it seemed to us all to be later than it was, allowing us to get back to the hotel for sleep at a decent hour.  

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