Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 is almost finished, and I'll start a hopefully fantastic 2010 with a trip to Europe.  But I've still got some things that I need to take care of over here.  I just got a phone from Verizon that will, so they tell me, work in the countries we're visiting.  The rates, however, are atrocious, and if I spend just 4 minutes on the phone each day I'll have a larger cell phone bill than normal.  Sorry mom.  But, I'll be contactable, which is good.
If you know anything about me, then it should be obvious that I have yet to pack a damn thing.
Also, I need to see about getting a camera from my brother.  He's told me that he might be able to get one that I can borrow.  I'd like that.  Otherwise this two megapixel camera phone will be my new best friend.
I'm flush with euros (thanks mom and pop!), and I've got a very modest sum (a very, very, very, very modest sum) in greenbacks in my account.  And thanks to Dr. Esa's generosity I'll even be able to experience the nicer side of Vienna - which reminds me that I still need to steal my brother's suit and try it on.
I hope connecting to the internet will be easy over there.  I'm not assuming that Europe has archaic technology that can't hope to compare to my beastly 2005 Powerbook g4, I just know from working at a summer program that has international students that sometimes it can be an issue.
I'm also worried that some big baseball signing will occur when I'm not refreshing every 15 seconds like I do now.  I don't know why.  I don't think that the Orioles are going to do anything big, but I just have to know what's happening.  But hey, Europeans love baseball right?  I'm sure I can find some Czechs that would be more than happy to discuss the relative benefits or drawbacks of using Luke Scott as trade bait! (25 HR in 449 AB's!  Is he viable long term at first?!)
I hope I can get some reading in on the bus.  I certainly don't have a lack of materials.  Orioles Essential, Oriole Magic (thanks Tricia and family!) and The Tomcat Murr should keep me busy.
I should probably try to squeeze some movies onto my Ipod, too.

Update:  Started packing